ODL Studio

Open Door Logistics Studio is an easy-to-use standalone open source desktop application for performing (a) analysis of your customer locations, (b) sales territory design and mapping and (c) vehicle fleet routing & scheduling - all using an Excel spreadsheet. For a detailed description of each application see:

  1. Territory design
  2. Territory mapping
  3. Vehicle routing & scheduling
  4. Command line interface for systems integration

Using ODL Studio you can:

  • Manage geographic customer data
    • Geocode your customer data held within an Excel based on address or postcode.
    • View your customers in a map and export maps to PDF or Word.
  • Perform territory design and territory management for sales or delivery territories based on sales, workload, or other key statistics.
    • Design territories visually by simply 'painting' them on the map using your mouse.
    • Sophisticated territory mapping allows you to colour and shade your territories. Your territory map can be tailored to your requirements.
    • Automatically optimise territories using a powerful algorithm.
    • Generate sophisticated PDF reports containing maps of your territories and detailed breakdowns of their key statistics.
  • Plan routes for your fleet of vehicles
    • Automatically schedule an efficient set of vehicle routes to serve delivery points.
    • Model routes using real road networks, provided by the Graphhopper project.
    • Edit vehicle routes and see how your changes effect the route shape and key statistics.
    • View tabular breakdowns of key statistics - e.g. total mileage and drivetime.
    • View the routes in an interactive map.
    • Analyse time usage using a Gantt chart control.
    • Generate detailed reports and export them to pdf or other formats (see example).
  • Run SQL-like queries and updates directly on data held in an Excel spreadsheet.

ODL Studio also contains many other useful features for territory designterritory mapping and vehicle fleet scheduling.

Unlike complicated GIS software, as your data is saved in a simple Excel spreadsheet it can be edited in both ODL Studio and Excel. This lets you work with both applications interchangeably and seamlessly.

ODL Studio is open source and free. Go to our downloads page to download ODL Studio for free and go to our tutorial pages to learn how to use it or contact us for details on available training services. A list of projects used within ODL Studio is available here.