Territory mapping

ODL Studio is free, open-source software that lets you create rich, detailed sales or delivery territory maps.

Territory mapping features

  • Create territory maps for any type of geographic building block where shapefiles are available - for example zipcode boundaries, postcode districts or areas.
    • Open Door Logistics provides free UK postcode boundaries allowing you to map territories at UK postcode area, district or sector level.
  • Specify custom colours for:
    • Each territory or let ODL Studio automatically assign them.
    • Each geographic building block - allowing building blocks to be coloured by a user-defined mix of their own colour and their assigned territory's colour.
  • Add extra information to your map by placing user-defined labels on geographic building blocks. These could show:
    • Sales or workload statistics.
    • The building block's postcode or zipcode.
    • The territory name.
    • ... or any combination of the above.
  • Export territory maps to pdf, together with text-based details and key statistics for the territory as a whole or its individual component geographic building blocks. Map images for each territory within the pdf report can be configured to:
    • Highlight the current territory and grey-out surrounding ones.
    • Show only the current territory.
    • Show all territories, but zoomed-in on the current one.
  • Export territories map image to a variety of image formats at a user-defined resolution using the camera snapshot function.
  • Combine a territory map with a map of your key customers.

Example territory map report

Custom territory mapping with ODL Studio, breakdown by territory Custom territory mapping with ODL Studio - exported to a PDF report.