ODL Studio 1.3.0 - pickup-delivery problems & more!

Posted 13 Jan 2015

ODL Studio 1.3.0 is now available to download. This release contains the following improvements:

  • The full 'core' model from the jsprit library is now supported - so you can model pickup-delivery vehicle routing problems, skills, backhaul constraints and more! (To see these in action, follow the original demo video but when you create the demo data, select the new options from the checkboxes).
  • Vehicle route editing user interface has been improved.
  • jsprit multithreading is now enabled - so you can optimise vehicle routes and schedules even quicker!

The following minor bugs have also been fixed:

  • Zoom all for polygons sometimes cutting off the top and bottom.
  • Zoom all failing when two consecutive vehicle stops are at exactly the same location.
  • Missing stops list in vehicle routing report.


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