Testimonial - Paul Trudgian Ltd

Posted 09 Jun 2017

Here’s what Paul Trudgian, a leading UK-based logistics consultancy, says about ODL Studio:

Paul Trudgian Ltd is a supply chain and logistics consultancy at the forefront of developing supply chains and logistics operations for UK clients across all industry sectors. One of the key areas for logistics development is the optimisation of vehicle fleet profiles, territory alignment and vehicle routing. Transport operations can often account for up to 70% of logistics spend and are regularly customer facing, so there's a real need to optimise a balance between cost and service.

ODL Studio is an outstanding tool that allows us to quickly model transport and territory scenarios without time-consuming dependence on solver based spreadsheet models and separate mapping software. The scheduling algorithm in the scheduling module is lightning quick and the UI is clean and simple. ODL is our 'go-to' solution for quick, simple scenario modelling that demonstrates to our clients potential cost reductions and/or service improvement opportunities. We highly recommend ODL Studio and Open Door Logistics.

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