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Posted 21 Nov 2016

We recently spoke to Edward Petrescu of Axes Software In Romania who told us how ODL Studio has been helping them:

Axes Software is the first Romanian Company to produce and implement WMS and TMS IT solutions. At Axes Software we know that flows automation and process optimization help clients to save time, gain procifiency and add profit to their business. Regarding the Transport Management System solution, its design responds to requests coming from the need of establishing and finding optimal routes based on the resources involved in the process. Thus, our TMS configuration revolves around certain parameters such as: the distance between the loading and unloading centers, the driver's schedule, estimated time for loading and unloading, the production capacity, allocation of resources and so on. In finding a perfect solution for route optimization, we chose to use the Open Door Logistics Studio. We had the big chance to see how a performant application like Open Door Logistics Studio can configure a proper analysis of the routes, taking into account all the necessary details such as the customer locations, the existing vehicles, the posible routes, the scheduling etc. This data is integrated into the application resulting an interactive map where people and clients are linked to certain towns, the towns are linked to certain regions and so on. By using Open Door Logistics Studio, our TMS solution offers a Route Optimization modules which can cope with any specific request coming from any distinctive operational flow. We are happy to use a brilliant solution that we successfuly integrate in our system, giving the best results to our clients.

Edward Petrescu, Axes Software

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